Tesa Padilla

Real Estate
  • Brand Strategy
  • Identity System
  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Digital Marketing Collateral

A refined yet approachable identity system for a local real estate agent committed to educating and empowering young families in making sound real estate investments.

Fuelled by her years working with non-profit organizations and propelled by her own home-buying experiences, Tesa made the leap into real estate with a desire to help modern millennials and young families navigate the journey towards owning a forever home. She was seeking to redefine the approach to modern home ownership and wanted a brand identity that both disrupted traditional realtor branding, and alluded to her personal and home style.

The art direction indicated a classic and clean look, a good mix of white space with pops of colour. Purposeful and intentional. Refined simplicity. Streamlined typefaces set against subdued textures and cooler, muted tones articulate a spirit of nurturing and dependability, while maintaining a sense of confidence and approachability.

We created her marks from custom, san-serif letterforms with medium weight contrast, and minimal embellishments to keep the overall identity simple and approachable with just a little bit of flair.