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A simple yet confident identity system for a talent acquisition specialist whose approach to recruitment is fuelled by a sense of connection and integration.

As a human resources consultant for large corporations and Fortune 500 companies, Debbi specializes in talent acquisition and placement for top-level and highly specialized roles and positions. In starting an independent practice, she knew her purpose was about finding and connecting the right candidates with the right positions and creating pathways for integration, both within the specific role, and within the company culture.

The overall art direction was leek and polished yet simple and refined. A minimal look that exudes confidence and professionalism while maintaining a sense of approachability. Streamlined letterforms of geometric proportions articulate minimalism and simplicity while remaining ultra-sophisticated and modern. This look is expected to resonate with high net-worth individuals that value a thoughtful balance of individualism, practicality and style. An icon of interwoven lines was created as a visual symbol of both the company's name and purpose.